Storytelling: Coyote Kills a Giant

I’d like you to read this story and, well, it’d be great if you could post your comments. I read it and found it extremely interesting!!! It’s a Diné/Navajo story.
Link to the story on the website where I found it
Wanna listen to this story? Check it out on the TP Podcast.
Link to the Talking People American Indian Webpage (where you can find a one-page Word version of it), where we have a (brand new) section for Storytelling.

4 responses to “Storytelling: Coyote Kills a Giant

  1. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  2. Waou!! really a good job. Where does this curiosity for Indian people come? Interesting, anyway

  3. Hello Olga!

    I’m not sure I understand… Do you mean my own curiosity for American Indians?

    Well, our world is so full of apparent diversity, it bombs us with apparent diversity, but there’s none of that. We need to spend time looking for real (actual) people, real issues, real things.

    So in one of those “adventures” and thanks to the Internet I came across this question: “Whatever happened to Indians?” And set off to find some answers! I was so impressed by what I found that I started buying books and DVDs (all thanks to the Net) by Indian activists, artists, all kinds of people. And now I’m just trying to share some of that, because I think it’s really interesting!


    Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks so much for posting!

    Have a nice day!

  4. thats great. thanks you for posting

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