About Dakota

2012: Caos (Carmen) still around around this year. And mostly on the road!

Multiple Personalities! News 2011: This nickname and blog have been taken over by 4 people who love the person who created this blog very much! We help her now — not as often as we wish we could — with all her online work, because she shares her knowledge, skills and resources with net surfers just out of generosity. Michelle quit this blog in 2009. In 2010 nobody used it. And this year it’s us four! 🙂 See you around

This blog is designed to allow people to learn about Native/American Indian Peoples (peoples = pueblos) because these people have been wiped out of our lives and their image has been distorted. They have been subjected to nonstop aggression, and genocide attempts, and we should try to stop this using the means we have at hand. One is information and communication. Learning about real things happening in our world, good and bad, so that we can enjoy the good ones and try to change the bad ones.
I am not a Dakota Indian. Years ago I started using this nick on the Internet because I loved the sound of the word. In 2007 I started reading works by American and Native Indians, and listening to different works in audiovisual format. As I read, I was outraged, of course, because injustice and abuse are outrageous. I also felt close, close to those analyses I was reading, because I belong to a social group who has been historically and systematically abused and ignored as human beings, which is women, the second-rate human being of all times. Also, as somebody who believes in the use of intelligence to solve problems, I have been refused my history, the history and herstory of all the struggle for justice that took place without the use of violence. I have been extremely lucky, because my life hasn’t developed in this traditional context of abuse. This luck hasn’t made me blind and it hasn’t made me change my value-system either. Power does seem to corrupt, I suppose, but I know happiness doesn’t. Enough on this. Here is a little blog on what I’m and I’ll be learning about Indians. Hope it helps in some way.
I earn a living as a teacher in Spain but I develop and share non-profit educational projects in my free time and using my own resources.
You can post your comments on this blog, send proposals for new threads to this thread, or get in touch with the Talking People website, where I am a permanent contributor. I am also part of the Mujer Palabra project.

Thanks for reading/listening/posting.


2 responses to “About Dakota

  1. Hello Michelle,

    What a wonderful discovery, your Talking People project and this blog…and I came to it via youtube and a Rumi poem: ‘Let the beauty we love be what we do’ – not far from ‘Be a Rebel – Love what U do’! It was from a Joy Harjo reading that I found the connection to TP, and the rest is history…

    I have another anthology to highly recommend to you :
    A GATHERING OF SPIRIT: A Collection by North American Indian Women, edited by Beth Brant (Degonwadonti), ISBN: 0932379559
    (see Amazon.com)

    and a poignant documentaty DVD:
    BROKEN RAINBOW, a film by Maria Florio and Victoria Mudd about the forced relocation of the Navajo in Arizona from their ancestral lands.

    Your Jewish and Arab together links also touch me – I belong to a dialogue group in Montreal and hosted a Palestinian young woman and her son for 6 months when she attended the McGill Middle East Program for Peace Building and Civil Society – she is now back in Nablus and is a second daughter to me! I of course sent her the link to your site and the Hand in Hand schools – as well as sending it to Israeli friends!

    I will be happy to hear back from you via e-mail – many thanks for all your efforts and expressiveness, Marilyn Berzan-Montblanch

  2. Dear Marilyn,

    We have been undergoing lots of changes. But in a few months we hope to be back!

    Sorry for taking so long to post a comment!

    (Furia y Caos)

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