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Storytelling: Coyote Kills a Giant

I’d like you to read this story and, well, it’d be great if you could post your comments. I read it and found it extremely interesting!!! It’s a Diné/Navajo story.
Link to the story on the website where I found it
Wanna listen to this story? Check it out on the TP Podcast.
Link to the Talking People American Indian Webpage (where you can find a one-page Word version of it), where we have a (brand new) section for Storytelling.


Some good literature!

I wanted to dedicate a thread to what now are two of my favorite writers! I discovered them last year, when I started reading American Indians authors. These authors are: Joy Harjo, for poetry (and “narrated” poetry too!), and Sherman Alexie, for short stories (you might have already seen our previous post on his screenplay “Smoke Signals”). If you read any of their poems or short stories, and you wish to comment here, go ahead! You can find both authors on our Talking People section devoted to American Indian thinkers, activists and artists. We included links to their own websites. We asked Joy Harjo for permission to include in our little webpage her poem “Strange Fruit”, because it’s also related to the little webpage we have for the song Billie Holiday sang, with the same title. We are planning to select more poems for you all, so you get interested in this fantastic writer! Then, we’ve sent out a permission request to Alexie’s publishers, to see if we can scan “The Search Engine”, a story included in his Ten Little Indians. This year, we are going to make the proposal in class for Advanced 2 students to buy copies of the Smoke Signals, the screenplay, but we wanted to offer a sample of his short stories, too. Well, hope you like them! Feel free to comment!

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (Song)

This song mentions several of the topics presented on this little blog, so I thought it should have a thread of its own. The song comes from Buffy Sainte-Marie’s album “Coincidence & Likely Stories” (1993). You can check out the lyrics and a YouTube video which plays it here, plus find more info and links on this amazing artist (painter, songwriter, singer…) and activist.

The Housing Poem, by Dian Million

I bought a collection of writings by contemporary native women in North America (literal meaning, this is, Canada, the USA, Mexico), called “Reinventing the Enemy’s Language” (edited by Joy Harjo and Gloria Bird) and I would like to share with you this very interesting poem, “The Housing Poem”, by Dian Million. It’s published in written & audio version on the TP Podcast. But please, better post here your comments on the poem!
More about this writer? Here’s a link to the TP webpage on Dian Million.
I have tons of comments arising from discovering this poem! But now, to have a little rest! 🙂

Three Young Poets Four Poems

Their names are not mentioned! If anyone finds them, or the written poems, hey, paste them here, please! 🙂