Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee is associated to two events: the Massacre at Wounded Knee (1890), and the Occupation/Siege of Wounded Knee (1973). 
In 1874 white people found out there was gold in that area. By 1900 the US Census estimated the indigenous population at just over 237,000 (before the European invasions it was estimated there were 10,000,000 Indians). American Indians were at the edge of extinction.
In the 1970s white people discovered uranium in the Black Hills. The Lakota Nation was once again targeted.
Nowadays they seem to be recovering from this attempt by the US American state and by racist people to commit genocide, using various resources, from slaughter to acculturization (a terrifying weapon used nowadays too in many places).

Here is a list of all the threads on this blog related to Wounded Knee. It will be updated as we go along.

Wounded Knee Massacre 1890 (plus Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Book)
♥  Wounded Knee Occupation 1973  Mary Brave Bird aka Mary Crow Dog  Leonard Peltier ♥ Anni Mae West
♥  Wounded Heart. Pine Ridge and the Sioux. DVD
♥  Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, by Buffy Sainte-Marie. Song

More information…
Check out Red Hawk’s Loge to find out more information about the Wounded Knee Massacre and the Siege of Wounded Knee.


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